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At NetTunnels we offer a wide range of Irrigation and fertilizer system options to use inside Greenhouse tunnels and on open fields. The right Irrigation system can and will increase your crop heel. We do designing of new systems and upgrading of existing systems from layout, supply and installation of it. We only use the best products that will fit your budget. Every project we do – we do as if it is our first. 

We do all sorts of irrigation. There is no irrigation we cannot do. We are here to supply the best product for the job. These are some of the irrigation we do, but we can help with all your irrigation needs.

Greenhouse Irrigation System:

  • We offer a wide range of inside Greenhouse irrigation systems that will work the best for you and your crop.
  • We design and provide the layout for the best Irrigation needed inside your greenhouse tunnel.
  • We offer from Drip line, Micro drip to Mister sprinklers systems inside the greenhouse tunnels, but there are Hydro and Aqua phonic systems also available.


Open Fielded System:

  • At NetTunnels we do a wide range of open field irrigation options from Sprinkler, Floppy and Drip systems.
  • We will tailor a design and layout for you that will work the bets for you.

Pump System:

We can build, design and supply a pump system (pump room) that will work with your irrigation inside the greenhouse tunnels and open field.
Greenhouse Pump systems – From 2 valves to 12 valves system and all the 

mixing tanks, with fertilizer tanks that you will need.
Open Field Pump systems – For the open field we offer pump rooms (big or small), with fertilizer tanks to run your irrigation system manual or automatic.

1. Dripline Irrigation
2. Tunnel Drip System
3. Inline Drip and Accessories Irrigation
4. LDPE and HDPE Pipe
5. Pumps
6. Tanks
7. Tunnel Pump System
8. Cover’s
9. Fittings – LDPE and HDPE
10. Filters