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At NetTunnels we offer a full ranges of Irrigation opsins to use inside Greenhouse tunnels and on open fielded. The ride Irrigation system can and will increase your crop heel. We do designing of new systems and upgrading of exuding systems from layout, supply and installation of it. We only use the best products that will fit your budget. Every projects we do we do feel like it the 1st one we do. 


We do all sorts of irrigation. There is no irrigation we don’t do. We there to supply the best product for the job. This is some of the irrigation things we do but we can help with all you irrigation needs.


Greenhouse Irrigation:
We do the Drip and Micro drip systems inside the greenhouse tunnels, but the Hydro and Aqua ponice systems are also available.

Open Fielded:
NetTunnels we also do a full ranges of open fielded irrigation opsins from Sprinkler, Floppy and Drip systems.


Pump System:
We supply a pump system that will work with your irrigation inside the greenhouse tunnel, Net tunnels and open fielded. From 2 valves to 12 valves system and pump houses.


  1. Dripline Irrigation
  2. Tunnel Drip System
  3. Inline Drip and Accessories Irrigation
  4. LDPE and HDPE Pipe
  5. Pumps
  6. Tanks
  7. Tunnel Pump System
  8. Cover’s
  9. Fittings – LDPE and HDPE
  10. Filters
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